We Indian or those special groups who oppose Valentine’s Day, on this matter that it is Western culture, it is against Indian culture, its trands is leaving the side effects in our culture etc.
All the reasons have been opposing Valentine’s Day.
Protest is like, that on seeing this day with a boy and girl, these special groups beat them or beat them so, that our hearts are scared by reading or watching the news.
The specialty is that often siblings become targets of these.
Now, notice that we do not know the origin of this day and the hidden reason behind it.
Then why protest it?
To know the reason or to gather information, there should be a global thinking which is not in these particular groups.
In today’s era, on the day of Valentine’s Day people are sharing the bad jokes and memes with each other rather than loving greeting cards.
Early periods that are celebrated in the west even today, the changes have only come to India, the love has been reconciled to the joke and the memes, or couples are oppress by those special groups.
Consider the thinking of the special teams – These people oppress the couples who sitting on the road side or park, garden for seeking love in together.
However, those who want to take the wrong advantage are somewhere else like in dark or secret rooms. Filter your own thinking before opposing Western culture.
The purpose of this day is still the same in the West – “sharing love”
In India it has changed its meaning and protests it seems that protestants have kept his own thought of this day very shameless.