My experience and thoughts in the STAGE

Performing on the stage is quite an adventure. 

I think where I am standing, this place is quite good with the people sitting on the last bench but I swear by the people sitting in the last bench is full of fun, even if the program started boring. 

Standing behind the stage and waiting for its turn is also a harrowing experience, how much a person is satisfied, there is a slight nervousness before coming to the stage.

Fear sometimes takes us on the right path and makes us weak sometimes that you have to choose whether you want to become weak or by using fear to rescue yourself from that fear and walking on the right path and want to create courage inside yourself. We will have to try our efforts again and again and we will be able to get out of this fear and see if you are performing your performance on stage, then you should see the audience Switch to someone will not have trouble not only will start playing applause audience on your performance.

I once anchoring a new year program and had performed the comedy program in it, the viewers were unaware, and the stage was unaware of me. The fear was quite good but I had to start and I started the fear my courage Waved extended words and staged the entire program without hesitation. Meanwhile, there was a demonstration of my comedy program. I was afraid that we could see anchoring If I had to create a balance of visitors but turn comic performance came I was the little disconcerted viewer stage was the same …

  • Presence of mind on stage
  1. While displaying on stage, all our attention should be on our own performance, but instead of being tilted eyes should be in front of the audience sitting in front
  2. We should keep in mind that if there is a mistake in our presentation, instead of reforming it, we should either go ahead or improve it in such a way that it will not spoil your performance.
  3. It is often seen that we feel uncomfortable due to the clothes we wear on stage, this discomfort should not be visible to the audience
  4. If you are performing mass demonstration, your life worsens apart from the group, then you should correct this mistake in such a way that the rest of the group should not have trouble with your mistake and keep the rhythm of performance.

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